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Big Finish has announced a sweeping set of reshuffles to its Doctor Who lines set to begin in January 2022. The Doctor keeps to the fringes of the conflict, helping where he can. Released today on Tom Baker’s 87th birthday, the Fourth Doctor is kicking off a new series of audio adventures with two TARDIS tales to treasure from Big Finish. This account is to host them all on. Written by But even here the Time War follows – and there are more things to fear in the Vortex than warships and weapons. Big Finish is releasing 3 more box sets for Gallifrey: Time War.. Gallifrey: Time War Volume One contained four new stories of the millennia long war between the Time Lords and the Daleks. The Time War 8 th Doctor made his first Big Finish appearance in The Diary of River Song episode The Rulers of the Universe, where he stated that he was assisting on the fringes of the Time War, mopping up the mess left by the Daleks and the Timelords. 1st Doctor Lost Stories; 2nd Doctor Lost Stories; 4th Doctor Lost Stories; 5th Doctor Lost Stories; 6th Doctor Lost Stories; 7th Doctor Lost Stories; Companion Chronicles . Please see our spoiler policy for our rules governing articles about such subjects. Derek Jacobi Its name is ‘Dal’…. Desperate Measures (Gallifrey: Time War 1) 8th Doctor - Time War 1 (Reason this is down here is because in Gallifrey they reference the Doctor refusing to help them. Okay guys! He gets roped into some of the stuff here.) But not everyone is playing the same game. Twitter, It was written by Lisa McMullin and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Rakhee Thakrar as Bliss. The Dalek Emperor survives the Time War and ends up in the Sol system circa the year 199,900. He is not a warrior. 1 Publisher's summary 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 References 5 Notes 6 Continuity 7 External links The Time … The Eighth Doctor: Time War: Volume One, initally marketed and sold as The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 1, was the first audio anthology in The Eighth Doctor: Time War audio series, which served as a prequel to The War Doctor audio series. Released February 2018 SOME SPOILERS FOLLOW. There has been a ton of material both following directly on from those losses, and the Doctor’s Time War … Ollistra is after a weapon that could end the war in a stroke and she’ll sacrifice anyone or anything to take it back to Gallifrey. It totally justifies The Valeyard. The Bus Came Back: After being absent since the Sixth Doctor’s era (or the Seventh’s, when taking “Matrix” into account), the Valeyard has returned. Running Time: 5 hours. Doctor Who Club of Australia » Products Page » Audio » Big Finish Time War » Gallifrey: Time War Former President Romana (Lalla Ward) is now the head of the Celestial Intervention Agency. In April next year, David Tennant will return as the Tenth Doctor for a monumental new full-cast Doctor Who audio drama series from Big Finish Productions, in association with BBC Studios. Delivery costs may vary depending on location. The War Doctor is a fascinating character, and stories set in the Time War – that era in the Doctor’s life that was off-limits for a decade – will finally be explored. All BIG FINISH; Main Range . John Dorney, Starring 19 January 2021 Lite-footing it … TV: Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways; The Bad Wolf calls an end to the Time War … Though the circumstances may be grim, it would be churlish not to enjoy it." The big pull of this release lies in bringing the Doctor and the Master together during the Time War. There are hundreds of Doctor Who Big Finish covers; all hosted all over the place. Paul McGann Okay, now that I’ve screamed a little…let’s talk about Gallifrey: Time War 4. Rakhee Thakrar, Starring The Doctor stands apart from this conflict: he is not a warrior, but a healer. Running Time: 5 hours. Facebook, He gets roped into some of the stuff here.) Derek Jacobi Samuel Barnett returns to Rome in Cicero – The Crossroads, a brand new feature-length audio drama from Big Finish Originals, due for release in July 2021. Surrounded by Daleks, and on a tortured planet, only one man can save the day. You have additional items in your basket. Delivery costs may vary depending on location. The War Doctor series was produced by Big Finish Productions following John Hurt's role as the War Doctor in “The Day of the Doctor”. Big Finish has been producing Doctor Who audio dramas since the late ‘90s. War Doctor 1 - 4. Don’t worry, we will never pass on your details to third parties! 1.1 The Starship of Theseus by John Dorney. - Doctor Who Reviews, “10/10 It’s the start of a whole new era for the Eighth Doctor and this box set is certainly a brilliant way to start it! While Big Finish hasn’t confirmed Time War 4 will be the end of Gallifrey, fans suspect it will be (given that the gang is now actively fighting the time war, and fans of the Doctor Who revival know how that ends.) 5th Doctor ; 6th Doctor ; 7th Doctor; 8th Doctor ; The Lost Stories . or downloading the latest Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. The story of how Susan joined the Time War was essentially meant to be a goodbye to the character, but perhaps unsurprisingly, Big Finish decided it was worth exploring what happens next. All titles are initially available exclusively from the Big Finish website in February. It separates itself from the Doom Coalition or any of the previous 8th stories and sets and gives you a distinct style whilst honouring who the 8th Doctor has to be until that fateful night." The Eighth Doctor - The Time War The War Doctor - The Time War The Ninth Doctor … Get exclusive offers, news and updates on the latest Big Finish releases and promotions by entering your email address here. The Sixth Doctor and Constance Clarke have a killer bee in their bonnet in the new monthly audio adventure Doctor Who: Colony of Fear, released today from Big Finish. Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor – The Time War Series 1 is easily one of my favorite box sets from Big Finish. IT IS FULLY ARTICULATED. Check out out review of The Eighth Doctor: Time War Vol 2 Don’t worry, we will never pass on your details to third parties! Big Finish Release (United Kingdom) Released: September 2020. The Time War rages through space and time – two powerful enemies in a fight to the death. But now, as their conflict tips into an all-out Time War, nowhere across the universe of space-time is safe. The Doctor Who – The Monthly Adventures is a series of full-cast audiobook adventures based on the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who, produced by Nicholas Briggs and Big Finish Productions and starring one of the original actors to play The Doctor on television in the classic era of the programme. YouTube or Check out all the details and artwork below. Big Finish present John Hurt as The War Doctor, a character created for, and central to, Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special The Day of the Doctor, shown on TV and in cinemas in 2013. Tales of intrigue and political manoeuvring from the seat of Time Lord power. The Time War rages through space and time – two powerful enemies in a fight to the death. Hurt's tragic passing … Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor continues to navigates the early days of the Time War with companion Bliss (Rakhee Thakrar) in the latest volume of The Eighth Doctor: Time War from Big Finish, which picks up from the cliff-hanger at the end of last year's volume 3. In December 2015, the Time War will rage and only one man can save us. Series one certainly doesn’t disappoint. Mark Gatiss, Starring Be among the first to hear about exclusive offers, news and latest releases from Big Finish by signing up to our Newsletter. Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor continues to navigates the early days of the Time War with companion Bliss (Rakhee Thakrar) in the latest volume of The Eighth Doctor: Time War from Big Finish, which picks up from the cliff-hanger at the end of last year's volume 3.. If you'd like your covers added to the collection, feel free to leave me a … Big Finish Podcast. Even the Doctor. A terrible war is being waged through space and time, as two powerful enemies rip the cosmos apart in a final struggle to the death. THE WAR DOCTOR BEGINS at Big Finish with New Casting of Time Lord With Sir John Hurt’s passing in 2017, we thought we’d heard the last of the War Doctor audio series . Doctor Who: Time War 4 must restore the Daleks to the timeline, because The Time War has to reach it’s it’s established end. As always, Big Finish have some big stories for Whovians and in February you can find classic companions and the Master in the Time War, the return of Winston Churchill, and much, much more! Classic Big Finish collides with new series Doctor Who, old familiar faces cross the infamous deadly Time War… this is a monumental release that needs to be listened to" The Host Productions “Teaming Louise Jameson… Dreadshade was the second story in the audio anthology The Eighth Doctor: Time War: Volume Four, produced by Big Finish Productions. … Starring Louise Jameson, Starring "10/10 This feels exactly like the Time War series should. The Orrovix have caught a scent and they are hunting... 3.3 Mother Tongue by Helen Goldwyn. With his friends locked away, he has been conscripted alongside fellow Gallifreyans to train for the front lines of battle. Seán Carlsen. The conflict pitted the Time Lords against the Daleks … This page absolutely does contain spoilers either about the behind-the-scenes or narrative elements of stories which have not yet been published or broadcast. The Eighth Doctor: Time War You may be looking for the War Doctor. We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series. Peter Davison Or is there something else they should be worrying about? Not yet. Instagram, Well done. Jacqueline Pearce, Starring £28.99 0 bids + P&P . Jacqueline Pearce, Starring way well comply. With strong performances all around, ‘The Eighth Doctor: The Time War’ is an essential piece of listening for any Doctor Who fan and the beginning of something that sounds to be truly unmissable." GALLIFREY Big Finish. 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